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Technical Requirements: Professional-Level Course

What is required?

One semester of a professional-level course. 

Professional-level courses are designed by the academic departments to allow students to experience professional-level study and offer a chance to explore a particular major or field of study in the first year. Each course is taught by regular departmental faculty and thus provides a double introduction to both subject area and faculty.


First year, fall or spring.

Can I test out?


Professional-Level Courses

  • Applied Physics APPH E1300: Physics of the human body

  • Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics APAM E1601: Introduction to computational mathematics and physics

  • Biomedical Engineering BMEN E1001: Engineering in medicine

  • Chemical Engineering CHEN E1040: Chemical processing in modern society

  • Civil Engineering CIEN E1201: The Art of Structural Design

  • Earth and Environmental Engineering EAEE E1100: A better planet by design

  • Electrical Engineering ELEN E1201: Introduction to electrical engineering, with laboratory in circuit design

  • Graphics GRAP E1115: Engineering graphics

  • Materials Science and Engineering MSAE E1001: Atomic-scale engineering of new materials

  • Mechanical Engineering MECE E1001: Micromachines to jumbo jets

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