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The Center for Student Advising (CSA) launched a new Peer Advising program during the 2012-2013 academic year. CSA Peer Advisers (PAs) are outstanding junior or senior students from Columbia College and The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science who work during New Student Orientation and throughout the academic year to supplement the services offered by CSA.  This exciting program was created in response to student demand/feedback from CSA’s 2011 assessment and is a terrific expansion of the services available to students.

What will Peer Advising achieve?

Peer Advising supplements the services offered by the Center for Student Advising.  Peer Advisers offer social, academic, and emotional support and help students navigate and connect with resources at Columbia College and Columbia Engineering.  Peer Advising enhances the student experience, builds community within the student body, and creates opportunities for leadership.

Why Peer Advising?

PAs provide a first-hand account of Core and course requirements, major options, and extracurricular activities. Some students feel more comfortable meeting with a fellow student than with an adult, and thus the Peer Advisers can help build a bridge to advising and resources at Columbia. Peer Advisers offer additional hours of availability, both in person and via online chat. 

The Peer Adviser team

Peer Advisers supplement the professional advising offered by the advisers in the CSA.  Eight PAs have been hired: five from CC and three from SEAS.  The PAs come from across all programs and majors and will advise across disciplines. PAs are in good disciplinary and academic standing and were carefully selected for their leadership capacity, maturity, and academic excellence.  They have demonstrated excellent verbal and written communication skills, the ability to work effectively with diverse populations of students and administrators, and the capacity for discretion, diplomacy, and confidentiality. PAs assisted the CSA advisers during NSOP and will continue to be involved through email, online chats, publicizing CSA-sponsored events, and social media outreach.  Click the link to meet our awesome CC Peer Advisers and SEAS Peer Advisers.

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