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Meet the CC Peer Advisers!

Jessica Geddes

School and Year: CC 2016
Major: History and Biology (Pre-Med)
Hometown: Lexington, KY

Clubs/ Activities: Health Leads, AMSA Public Health Committee, Lang Youth Educator at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Women’s Club Rugby Team

Favorite NYC spots: Coney Island, The Rubin Art Museum, Chelsea Market

Top 3 CU traditions: 

  1. Varsity Show
  2. Bacchanal
  3. Late-night Koronet’s runs

What you wish you knew as a first year student:

  1. 1. The theme dinners at John Jay are actually the best. Thanksgiving, Surf n’ Turf, etc,- GO!
  2. Learn how to deal with being a little fish in a big pond.  You may be used to being the best at everything, but’s okay to just be “average” at Columbia. Don’t let perceived mediocrity ruin your dreams!
  3. Choose classes based on the professor, not based on the time slot. Don’t be afraid of the 8:40s. It’s way better to have an amazing, gold-nugget professor at an inconvenient time than to have a terrible professor at a great time. At the end of the day, you are spending the same amount of time in the class, so make it worthwhile.


Katie KesterKatie

School and Year: CC 2017
Major: Biology (Pre-med)
Hometown: Wellesley, MA

Clubs/Activities: Camp Kesem Columbia, Orchesis, Columbia Ballet Ensemble, HEART teacher, One-to-One Tutoring, Columbia Student Health Outreach

Favorite NYC spots: The High Line, Chelsea Market, the Met, Central Park

Top 3 CU traditions:

  1. Varsity Show
  2. Tree Lighting Ceremony
  3. The Core (I absolutely loved Lit Hum last year and am excited to take CC this year)


What you wish you knew as a first year student:

  1. Don’t be afraid to say “yes” to going out into the city or attending fun events on campus.  Sure, there will be times when you need to study.  Too often though, I found that my friends and I stayed on campus to study in spite of an offer to do something else. However, we were not very productive during that time.  Our time probably would have been better spent going out and then returning to our work refreshed and focused.
  2.  Take time to really get to know your classmates/floor mates. I was challenged far more by the views of my peers than by anything I learned in the classroom. Make time for those late-night philosophical heart-to-hearts with your friends.
  3. Always ask for help.  Your friends, family, advisers, TAs, and professors are all wonderful resources – use them! 


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