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Meet the CC Peer Advisers!

Jessica Geddes

School and Year: CC 2016
Major: History and Biology (Pre-Med)
Hometown: Lexington, KY

Clubs/ Activities: Health Leads, AMSA Public Health Committee, Lang Youth Educator at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Women’s Club Rugby Team

Favorite NYC spots: Coney Island, The Rubin Art Museum, Chelsea Market

Top 3 CU traditions: 

  1. Varsity Show
  2. Bacchanal
  3. Late-night Koronet’s runs

What you wish you knew as a first year student:

  1. 1. The theme dinners at John Jay are actually the best. Thanksgiving, Surf n’ Turf, etc,- GO!
  2. Learn how to deal with being a little fish in a big pond.  You may be used to being the best at everything, but’s okay to just be “average” at Columbia. Don’t let perceived mediocrity ruin your dreams!
  3. Choose classes based on the professor, not based on the time slot. Don’t be afraid of the 8:40s. It’s way better to have an amazing, gold-nugget professor at an inconvenient time than to have a terrible professor at a great time. At the end of the day, you are spending the same amount of time in the class, so make it worthwhile.


Adeeti Katti

School and Year: CC 2015
Major: Economics and MESAAS
Hometown: Fargo, North Dakota

Clubs/Activities: Columbia Teaching and Tutoring Agency Tutor, Columbia Ballroom, Jhatka, Nach Nation Board

Favorite NYC Spots: New York Public Library (Stephen A. Schwarzman Building), Museum Mile, and Eataly

Top 3 CU Traditions:

  1. 1. Night Market
  2. 2. King's Crown Shakespeare Troupe's Outdoor Performances
  3. 3. Random acts of Kindness during Final's Week

What you wish you knew as a first year student:

  1. 1. Studying is kind of like practicing. Just like you would never imagine going to a tennis match without physical conditioning and practice, your grade on a test will reflect how much you practice! I would often spend a lot of time reading the textbook or reading material rather than actually getting down and practicing writing essays or doing math problems. Practicing before an exam made all the difference! :)
  2. 2. Your health is incredibly important! I would often sacrifice wholesome food or sleep for grades when in actuality, keeping myself healthy was what brought positive changes in both my grades and all other aspect of my life. 
  3. 3. Don't forget to have fun! Being in college is about taking that class that might be out of your comfort zone or attending an event you otherwise wouldn't have access to. Definitely don't be afraid to get involved with something you aren't familiar with. That's where the best growing experiences happen.



Zhaoqi LiZhaoqi Li

School and Year: CC 2015
Majors: Biochemistry and Mathematics
Hometown: Brentwood, TN

Clubs/ Activities: Peer Health Exchange, Columbia Student Health Outreach, Undergraduate Researcher at Canman Lab (CUMC), Private Tutor

Favorite NYC spots: Hells Kitchen/Midtown, The Met, Canal Street

Top 3 CU traditions:

  1. Choosing between attending Orgo Night or studying for your Orgo final
  2. Invariably noticing bits of the Core in your everyday life but withholding your urge to tell someone about it for fear of being a weirdo.
  3. Going to Milano Market and getting an H17 to reward yourself after a good day and to comfort yourself after a bad one.

What you wish you knew as a first year student:

  1. Call your parents often! You have no idea how much they miss you.
  2. There is more to New York than just Manhattan (or Morningside Heights). 
  3. There's a maple syrup stand at the Sunday Farmer's Market on Broadway. They sells maple cotton candy. 


Jiawen Tang

School and Year: CC 2015
Majors: Economics-Political Science
Hometown: Providence, RI

Clubs/ Activities: Columbia International Relations Council and Association (CIRCA), Asian American Alliance (AAA), East Coast Asian American Student Union (ECAASU) Conference

Favorite NYC spots: High Line, St. Mark's Place (Union Square), Central Park

Top 3 CU traditions:

  1. Tree lighting
  2. Bollinger's Fun Run
  3. Varsity Show

What you wish you knew as a first year student:

  1. Never sacrifice my health or wellbeing for a grade 
  2. Go to more of my professors' office hours
  3. Take more chances: build connections with those around you, go to events that sound interesting, and join collaborative groups working on projects - a lot of the opportunities that have opened up to me are from unexpected sources. 

Rachel Wangler

School and Year: CC 2015
Major: English and American Studies
Hometown: Norman, OK

Clubs/ Activities: Residential Advisor, Alpha Chi Omega Panhellenic Delegate, Teach For America Campus Campaign Coordinator, Tutor and Mentor for the Double Discovery Center

Favorite NYC spots: Strand Bookstore, High Line, Central Park

Top 3 CU traditions: 

  1. Studying on the steps/lawns
  2. Bacchanal 
  3. Staying up way too late debating the similarities and differences of Plato and Play-Doh

What you wish you knew as a first year student:

  1. 1. Always ask for help. You have moved out of the house, but going to office hours, emailing your TA, talking to your advisor, and even calling your parents can make life a whole lot easier. 
  2. 2. Make more time to go past 110th street to relax and explore the city. And make more time to explore Campus and its wonderful community (that may seem a little hidden at times).
  3. 3. Don't judge yourself or your value as a human being on the performance of others, or your own. You are worth more than a grade and because Columbia is such a diverse place, you don’t have to have done or do what everyone else is doing to feel successful.


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