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Your Academic Life: How do you decide?

Dear Student,

I'm writing, as chair of the committee that coordinates curriculum in the Arts and Sciences, to ask for your help with the committee's work.

This year the Educational Policy and Planning Committee (EPPC) is considering the internal consistency and logic of course point allocations. This may seem an arcane question, but 'point values' -- the number of points courses carry -- affect students' course work and the curriculum in important ways. We are considering various changes to our current point allocations. To make the best decisions, however, we need better to understand students' views. I am therefore writing to ask you, Columbia College and General Studies students, to complete this survey about your academic commitments, choice of major or concentration, and your overall well-being. Your responses will be an incredibly valuable resource to us as we continue to strive to improve the undergraduate experience. We know that you all lead busy lives and we very much appreciate your time responding to this survey. The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete.

To access the survey, please click here and type in your UNI.

The survey will close at midnight on Sunday, February 9.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to reply to this message or contact me.

Warm regards,
Susan Pedersen

Chair, Educational Policy and Planning Committee (EPPC)
Professor, History Department


Starting with:

# (2)
2 (6)
3 (1)
A (92)
B (43)
C (384)
D (61)
E (91)
F (66)
G (33)
H (43)
I (101)
J (33)
K (4)
L (34)
M (67)
N (30)
O (61)
P (174)
Q (1)
R (29)
S (215)
T (57)
U (30)
V (9)
W (41)
Z (1)