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Visual Arts Courses - Spring 2013

Visual Arts Courses - Spring 2013

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Dear Undergrad Students,

Spring 2013 Visual Arts Courses will be open for registration starting Nov 12!

Please review the attached Spring 2013 course schedule for our full listing.
Course descriptions can be found here:

Please check with your schools adviser or check student services online for your registration appointments.

When the courses' online enrollment max is reached, interested students are encouraged to sign up for waiting lists as spaces do become available. If the course you are interested in is full, please complete the appropriate waiting list here:

Because Basic Drawing is a requirement for Visual Arts majors, non-visual arts majors interested in taking a single course should consider other level one courses that don't have prerequisites such as Intro to Printmaking, Silkscreen I, Intaglio I, Photo I, Sculpture I, etc.

Selected Course descriptions: For the full listings and descriptions please visit

Advanced Video - Instructor: Shelly Silver (Tue 9:30am-3:30pm)
Advanced Video is an advanced, intensive project-based class on the production of digital video. The class is designed for advanced students to develop an ambitious project or series of projects during the course of the class. Through this production, students will fine-tune shooting and editing skills as well as become more sophisticated in terms of their aesthetic and theoretical approach to the moving image. The class will follow each student through proposal, dailies, rough-cut and fine cut stage. The course is organized for knowledge to be shared and cumulative, so that each student will learn both from her/his own process, as well as the processes of all the other students. Additional screenings and readings will be organized around the problematics of the moving image, as well as particular issues that are raised by individual student projects. NOTE: Advanced Video is a full day class 930-330pm. There is only one section offered per semester. Beginning Video is a prerequisite.

Digital Documentary Photography - Instructor: Kai McBride (Tue & Thur 1:00pm-3:30pm)
The goal of the course is for each student to create small-scale documentary projects using photography and writing with an eye towards web publishing. Taking advantage of the ease and speed of image production and distribution, students will propose and workshop projects that can be quickly completed and uploaded to a class website. Assignments, readings and discussions will focus on the role of the documentary tradition in the history of photographic art practice. Students must provide their own laptop and digital camera. Note: Photo I is a prerequisite.

Ceramics I - Instructor: JJ Peet (Thur 10:00am-4:00pm)
This studio course will provide the students with a foundation in the ceramic process, its history and its relevance to contemporary art making. The course is structured in two parts. The first centers on the fundamental and technical aspects of the material. Students will learn construction techniques, glazing and finishing methods, and particulars about firing procedures. This part of the course will move quickly in order to expose the students to a variety of ceramic processes. Weekly assignments, demonstrations and lectures will be given. The second centers on the issue of how to integrate ceramics into the students' current practice. Asking the question of why we use ceramics as a material and further, why we choose the materials we do to make art. Rigorous group and individual critiques focusing on the above questions will be held. The goal of this course is to supply the students with the knowledge and skill necessary to work in ceramics and enough proficiency and understanding of the material to enable them to successfully incorporate it into their practice.

Ceramics II- Instructor: JJ Peet (Thur 10:00am-4:00pm)
This course will focus on using ceramics as a primary art making machine by breaking out of the constraints wedded to this traditional material. Building on the foundation set in Contemporary Ceramics I, this course will delve further into the technical and historical aspects of the ceramic process. Students will learn advanced construction techniques and finishing processes, including an introduction to mixing raw ceramic materials to create custom clay and glazes. If you are interested in Ceramics II please register for Ceramics I as the course will not be available for registration until Jan. Please contact if you have registered for Ceramics I and need to switch to Ceramics II.

Drawing II - Mixed Media - Instructor: Diana Cooper (Mon & Wed 9:30am-12:00pm)
This course approaches drawing as an experimental and expressive tool. Students will be encouraged to push the parameters of drawing. Collage, assemblage and photo-montage will be used in combination with more traditional approaches to drawing. The class will explore the role of the imagination, memory, language, mapping and text in drawing. Field trips will play an important role in the course. The course will culminate in a final project in which each student will choose one or more of the themes explored during the semester and create a drawing or series of drawing.

Printmaking: Drawing Into Print - Instructor: Corey Riddell (Mon & Wed 2:30pm-5:00pm)
The objective of the course is to provide students with an interdisciplinary link between drawing, photography and printmaking through an integrated studio project. Students will use drawing, printmaking and collage to create a body of work to be presented in a folio format. In the course, students develop and refine their drawing sensibility, and are encouraged to experiment with various forms of non-traditional printmaking. This course has replaced Intro to Printmaking this Spring semester.

Visual Arts Major Information

Eye and idea - Will be offered in the Spring 2013 - Thursdays 1:00pm - 4:00pm.
This course must be taken during the Junior year (the year before you plan on taking Senior Project).

Before entering into senior project it is strongly advised that majors have completed 6 of the required 9 visual arts program courses (18 points).

For more information please visit the Columbia College bulletin or the General Studies website.

If you have any question concerning our courses please contact Andrew Hass - or Madelyn Sutton -

If you have questions concerning the Visual arts major please contact Sanford Biggers -


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