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University Writing for International Students

All CC and SEAS students must take University Writing in their first year at Columbia. Half of the Class of 2018 takes University Writing in the fall, and the other half takes it in the spring.

Each semester, Columbia offers a few sections of University Writing geared toward English Language Learners (non-native speakers of English) who wish to focus more specifically on issues of second-language acquisition and adjusting to a new academic culture. This “international” section will be taught by a specially trained instructor who will provide extra support and instruction on sentence-level issues, while also highlighting common expectations of American academic writing, including the use of sources, paragraph length and structural organization. The section will otherwise be identical to the typical University Writing section. If you wish to enroll in an international section, please email Advising Dean Justin Snider ( by Tuesday, August 12th.


Starting with:

# (1)
2 (1)
A (65)
B (35)
C (177)
D (44)
E (44)
F (50)
G (30)
H (26)
I (68)
J (16)
K (6)
L (16)
M (44)
N (19)
O (38)
P (87)
Q (1)
R (14)
S (145)
T (30)
U (23)
V (8)
W (26)
Y (1)