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Undergraduate Program in Sustainable Development Capstone Workshop Presentations (5/8)

You are invited to come hear about the exciting projects in sustainable development students have been working on all semester! As these presentations are a great way for you to become acquainted with the program’s expectations of what you will have the ability to accomplish by your senior year, we highly suggest that you attend.

Undergraduate Program in Sustainable Development Capstone Workshop Presentations
Thursday, May 8
12:00 - 2:00 p.m.
Room 555, Alfred Lerner Hall


Contact: For further information regarding this event, please contact Jessica Sotomayor via e-mail at or by calling 212-851-9350.

The Spring 2014 projects are described in detail as follows:

Energy Strong: Motivating Responsible Energy Use at USMA
The goal of this project is to encourage energy conservation by cadets at the United States Military Academy at West Point. To do this, an energy-saving competition between USMA and the U.S. Naval Academy will be recommended, to introduce a mock billing system at West Point and make real-time energy-consumption data available to the cadets. Ultimately, these efforts will create a culture of accountability and implement lasting change at USMA and influence energy policy within the U.S. Army as an institution.

McEnroe Organic Farm: Options and Opportunities for Compost and Live-Roof Media Expansion in NYC
The main objective for this project is to investigate how McEnroe Farm can expand both their well-established compost business as well as their new live-roof media production into New York City. Ways in which McEnroe Farm could connect with the urban market and become a new paradigm in sustainable farming were analyzed by conducting an analysis of the existing urban and suburban compost markets and looking into alternative production methods for live-roof media.

Tomato Tourism: Bringing the McEnroe Experience to Urban Consumers
This project is focused on how McEnroe Organic Farms can expand its agritourism mission. Agritourism is a niche industry that brings the "farm experience" to rural and urban communities to teach and inform about agriculture. To influence NYC audiences to participate in agritourism to McEnroe Farm, the Farms should increase awareness through social-media marketing and relationship development with community centers and gardens as well as expand educational outreach to NYC schools.

Hydrologic Modeling in the Nile River Basin
This project aims to ground the client’s approach for analyzing water resources in the Nile River Basin. This research sheds light on the dynamic relationship between human populations and environmental resources in the Nile River Basin, and the sustainability of this relationship in the future. In particular, the project assesses the current inputs for precipitation and groundwater recharge rates, as well as the Vensim model’s ability to generate accurate stream flow outputs. The team will provide recommendations on alternate approaches that capture more of the complexity of the hydrologic system.

Agriculture and Water Use in the Nile River Basin
This project explores the relationship between water resources and crop production in the Nile River Basin. The goal of this project is to produce a model crop yield based on climate change scenarios, irrigation methods and crop type, among other variables. This project will provide insight into how water demand for food production may influence population dynamics and potential conflict in the region over the next century.


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