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Summer Internship Funding Opportunities for CC and SEAS Undergraduate Students (2/9)

Learn how to fund your unpaid internship this summer!

Join us in the Center for Career Education Conference Room on February 9 at 12:30 to learn about CCE summer funding programs for CC and SEAS undergraduate students. Begin planning early to prepare for upcoming funding deadlines. 

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The Center for Career Education will host an informative session on February 9 at 12:30 for CC and SEAS undergraduate students on how you can engage in an unpaid internship experience with the help of CCE funding programs.

CCE offers two funding programs. The Alumni and Parent Internship Fund is specifically designed to encourage Columbia College rising juniors and seniors to accept a quality internship which would foster their career exploration and build upon their academic studies, while alleviating some of the financial burden associated with unpaid internships. The Alumni and Parent Internship Fund has limited availability, and the application process is highly selective.

The Work Exemption Program enables financial aid recipients with an earnings expectation to pursue unpaid internships, research opportunities and community service projects. Work Exemption Program funding is added directly to the financial aid packages of student recipients and summer or academic year work expectations are replaced with a Columbia grant award. This program is open to undergraduate students enrolled at Columbia College and SEAS.

Both programs require that applicants receive Columbia University Financial Aid. For detailed eligibility requirements and applications instructions, please visit CCE’s website at the links above. 


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