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Study Abroad Update: August 23, 2011

Study Abroad Update

September Events

  •  General Information Session 
  • UCL Global Citizenship
  • Graduate programs at UCL, King’s College and Imperial College

Spring 2012 Updates

  •  Early Application Deadlines

Useful Resources       

  •  Student to Student Guide to Study Abroad

Important Dates

Advising Hours


Campus Events


General Information Session

Are you thinking about studying abroad next spring, or next year? Come to our General Information session to learn about all of the possibilities of integrating a term or year abroad into your time at Columbia. Topics covered will include: eligibility, types of programs, language requirements, programs in English, programs for scientists & engineers, credit, and more. Students who have studied abroad will speak about their experiences abroad and answer questions. Come hear first-hand stories about living in Senegalese home stays, managing the Argentine transport system, acing the end of term exams at LSE in London, and  living in France like a Parisian. All undergraduates (CC, SEAS. GS) are welcome.

Date: Tuesday, September 27th
Time: 8:15pm
Place: 602 Hamilton


UCL Global Citizenship

The undergraduate program allows huge flexibility for the students who can draw from UCL's world class teaching and research in areas of politics, geography, anthropology, philosophy, media studies, history and languages.

These are combined with a core of science studies which introduces the students to the concept of global citizenship through a diverse range of global issues such as climate change, food and agriculture, the internet and globalization all from an interdisciplinary students perspective.

If this program seems interesting to you, please come to the following information session to learn more about it.

Date: Tuesday, September 20th
Time: 3-4pm
Place: TBD


Graduate Programs in London

Spent a semester in London and want to go back? Interested in doing your graduate work abroad? Come to this information session to learn about graduate programs at UCL, King’s College London and Imperial College.

Date: Wednesday, September 21st
Time: 4-5pm
Place: TBD


Spring 2012


Early Application Deadlines

Please be aware that some study abroad programs have application deadlines during the summer or very early in the fall semester to go abroad during the spring. Make sure to check deadlines carefully for the program(s) you are interested in attending to ensure that you don’t miss it!

Columbia programs with early deadlines:

New Resources

Student to Student Guide to Study Abroad

Check out the newest blog post by Emily Kwong about her recent stay in Durban, South Africa.

The Student-to-Student guide to study abroad is meant to provide the Columbia student perspective on the study abroad experience.  When you immerse yourself in another culture, the smallest details of daily life abroad can challenge your assumptions about how life works. Based on their experiences studying abroad, this blog collects Columbia student thoughts about everything from travel logistics to musings on what it means  to be a foreigner. As you will read, studying abroad is full of excitement, challenges, frustrations and triumphs. We hope you are inspired to both go abroad yourself, and to contribute to this student-to-student resource when you are back here at Columbia.


Important OGP Dates


Please see the website for further details of events:

9/1     CASB Application Due   
9/15    KCJS Application Due   
9/20    UCL Global Citizenship 
9/21    Graduate School in the UK (Imperial/King's/UCL)
9/27    General Information Session    
10/1    BCGS Application Due   
10/1    Columbia in Paris (Reid Hall) App. Due 
10/1    Photo Contest Images Due       
10/11   LGBTQ Abroad   
10/12   History Majors Study Abroad Info Session       
10/15   Spring clearance due   
10/15   Columbia at Tsinghua, Beijing App. Due 
10/19   Pre-professional abroad
10/28   Study Abroad Fair      
11/10   General Information Session    
11/15   Spring study abroad registration due  

OGP Advising  Hours


Until September 6th, office hours are by appointment only.

Michael Pippenger:
Advisor for: Australia & New Zealand

Fay Ju:
Advisor for: East & South Asia

Lindsey Schram:
Advisor for: Europe; The Middle East & North Africa

Scott Carpenter:
Advisor for: the UK and Ireland

Sara Ede;
Advisor for: Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and Spain/Portugal, General inquiries


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