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The Special Concentration in Business Management: Spring 2012 Application Information & Dates

The Special Concentration in Business Management

Important Dates for Spring 2012 Application Process:

  • Wednesday, 2/1 - application active
  • Monday, 2/13 at 5:30pm - information session at Uris 331
  • Monday, 3/5 by 9:00am - application deadline
  • Friday, 3/30 - decisions sent
  • Thursday, 4/5 by 9:00am - deadline for pre-registering for business classes

Application Information

The Special Concentration in Business Management combines financial and managerial coursework — taught by Business School professors — with electives in economics, psychology, and sociology.

During the Spring semester, there will be an application process to select up to 30 sophomores and juniors, who will receive the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed placement in the following popular undergraduate business courses (must reserve a place in advance through the program manager):
    • BUSI W3013 Financial Accounting
    • BUSI W3021 Marketing Management
    • BUSI W3701 Strategy Formulation
    • BUSI W3703 Leadership in Organizations
    • ECON W4280 Corporate Finance
  • Access to special guest speaker presentations at Columbia Business School, including one or more business leader or faculty members presentations exclusively for selected students
  • Formal and informal networking opportunities with Columbia Business School students, faculty members, and/or alumni

To apply for the select group of concentrators with the above benefits, you must:

  1. Be a sophomore or junior in Columbia College, the School of General Studies, or Barnard College
  2. Have a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or higher
  3. Have received a B+ or better in at least one of the three prerequisite courses AND be currently enrolled in at least one other prerequisite although we recommend that students have already received a B+ in at least two prerequisites before applying:
    1. STAT W1001, STAT W1111, STAT W1211, PSYC W1610, or SOCI W3020
    2. ECON W1105
    3. PSYC W1001, PSYC W1010, or SOCI W1000

Application Components

  • Application form (will be available early February 2012)
  • Current class schedule and a brief description of how you will complete all concentration requirements
  • Official transcript
  • Résumé
  • Contact information for a Columbia University professor who has agreed to serve as your reference

Students may receive the Special Concentration in Business Management if they meet all requirements, even without formal admission to the program.

Barnard College students should consult Dean Aaron Schneider (  before registering for courses  this is not a Barnard concentration and not all courses may count towards the Barnard degree.


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