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Senior Research Prize in Biology

Biological Sciences have announced a competition for the annual Bridges and Sturtevant Prize for undergraduate research for graduating seniors.  The aim of the prize is to stimulate research and honor outstanding students. Please find a description and deadlines for nominations and submission of a research paper.  An anonymous donation in 2011 established an endowment for the prize. Bridges and Sturtevant were Columbia undergraduates that were true pioneers of modern genetics.  Their pioneering studies as Columbia College undergraduates - using the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster in Thomas Hunt Morgan's laboratory - laid the foundation for our understanding of genes and the way they behave.  Each year the prize is awarded to one or more graduating seniors whose experimental or computational research is deemed to have been both highly original and fruitful by a committee of faculty to be selected by the Chair of Biological Sciences.

One to three graduating seniors students will be selected for the prize each year at the discretion of the selection committee. Presently the award is $2700 to be divided among the awardees. The awardees are recognized at commencement ceremonies.

Students must be nominated by a faculty member and submit a research paper, in the form of a research article, to the Department of Biological Sciences by March 17, 2014. A letter seconding the nomination by a separate faculty member is also required. Either the nominator or seconder must be from Biological Sciences. If the work has been submitted for publication or published, the details should be noted in a cover letter. The two nominations, the research paper and a cover letter should be sent electronically to Ms. Jaya Santosh in 600 Fairchild (

The research paper must be no more than 10 pages single-spaced inclusive of all parts including figures and references. (One inch margins and a font size greater or equal to 11.) The format should be that of a journal article and generally similar to that used for SURF and the BIOL W3500 independent study course.


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I (101)
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