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SEAS Major Declaration is NOW LIVE!! (for Sophomores - Class of 2015)


It is time to declare your major!

The SEAS Major Declaration Web page is now live. When you are ready, please click here to declare:   

The Major Declaration webpage will be available from now until Friday, October 19 at midnight. Please note that you can declare a major using the online declaration system once only. If you make a mistake, please contact your CSA adviser. (Contact information for your CSA adviser, including location, phone number, and email address, is on our Web page.)

Once you have declared your major, you will receive an email with advising information for your department. It is essential that you meet with your faculty adviser before November’s spring term registration period, which takes place from November 12-16, 2012.  The registration window for sophomores begins on Wednesday, November 14.

Since we assign all SEAS majors to the CSA liaison of their SEAS departments, please bear in mind that there is a chance that you will be assigned a new CSA adviser after the current semester. You will receive that notification by email prior to the start of the Spring 2013 term.

Please feel free to see your CSA adviser and faculty in the departments in which you have an interest at any time leading up to your decision. Advisers in the CSA and in the departments are here to help you! If you are not sure which faculty member to contact, please ask your CSA adviser.


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