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SEAS Drop Deadline is THIS THURSDAY (3/27)

The Last Day for SEAS students drop a spring 2014 class is THIS THURSDAY, March 27.

Please double and triple check your schedule on SSOL (not CourseWorks) to make sure that you are registered for the classes you have been attending. If you see a problem, make an appointment with your advising dean ASAP!!

In the past, students have received "Fs" and "UWs" for being registered for classes they either have stopped going to (without dropping) or have never attended. Please don’t let this happen to you!

To drop a class, you will need to fill out an add/drop form , ask your *adviser to sign it, and then turn it in to the Center for Student Advising (403 Lerner) before 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 27.

* Dropping non-major or non-tech classes: Students need an advising dean’s signature (403 Lerner).

* Dropping major or technical requirements: Students need an f aculty adviser’s signature.


Starting with:

# (2)
2 (6)
3 (1)
A (92)
B (43)
C (384)
D (61)
E (91)
F (66)
G (33)
H (43)
I (101)
J (33)
K (4)
L (34)
M (67)
N (30)
O (61)
P (174)
Q (1)
R (29)
S (215)
T (57)
U (30)
V (9)
W (41)
Z (1)