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ReOrientation 2013 (2/1)

Are you new to the Columbia community and didn’t have a chance to attend all the programs during NSOP 2012? NSOP, in collaboration with offices across campus, is offering programs that you may not have been able to attend or now have more questions after being here one semester.

Join us on Friday, February 1st in the Satow Room from 10:30 AM to 5 PM.

Offices in attendance will be Financial Aid and Educational Financing, Center for Student Advising, Center for Career Education, Health Services, and the Office of Global Programs.

Schedule of Programs

Financial Aid 102 with Financial Aid and Educational Financing

10:30 AM -11:30 AM-Satow Room

Do you have questions about Financial Aid about this semester or your remaining time here? Or do you have questions about the best way to budget? The staff from Financial Aid and Educational Financing will be answering questions and more to help you understand how to best finance your education and live within a budget.


Lunch and Drop-in Advising with the Center for Student Advising

Noon - 1 PM-Room 401 (Please note this location is different than the rest of the day.)

Have any questions about the drop/add process? Want to just say hello and meet with some of the staff members of the Center for Student Advising? Drop by for a bite to eat and meet Advising Deans and the CSA Peer Advisors.


Internships, Externships and First Year Partnerships with CCE

1 PM - 2 PM-Satow Room

Are you a first year undergraduate student interested in experiencing the professional world and excited to land a work experience? CCE invites you to learn more about smart ways to gain skills and experiences as a first year, including the Columbia Exploration Externship* program. This event is part of the Reorientation program from the Office of Student Development and Activities.

*ex• tern• ship (noun)\’ek-stern-ship\ - A short, practical experience in a specific field or industry of interest. 


Managing Stress and Sleep: Resources and Tips from Alice! Health Promotion

2 PM - 3 PM-Satow Room

Have you wondered how to manage it all and still get enough sleep? The staff from Alice! Health Promotion will share campus statistics and share resources about how to manage your stress and get better sleep.


Fellowships and Study Abroad Information from The Office of Global Programs and the School of Engineering and Applied Science

3 PM - 4:30 PM-Satow Room

The Office of Global Programs and the staff from the School of Engineering and Applied Science will answer your questions on how to prepare for fellowships and plan for the many different study abroad opportunities.


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