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PSYC BC 3473 Field Work Seminar in Psychological Services and Counseling - Offered this Spring

Dear Students:
I would like to remind you of the Barnard course, PSYC BC 3473 Field Work Seminar in Psychological Services and Counseling, being offered this spring.
This course introduces students to clinical and counseling work, and to psychodynamic ways of understanding and supporting people in psychological distress.  The course helps students clarify their professional goals, and provides the clinical experience that strengthens applications to social work programs, and that is required for applications to clinical and counseling doctoral programs.
Coursework: Supervised field work (minimum of 7 hours per week, plus a supervisory hour) and seminar discussions of theoretical approaches to clinical issues and case materials.
Prerequisites: Three psychology courses and permission of the instructor required during program planning the semester before the course is offered. Enrollment limited to 12 students; seniors are given priority.
Credit: 4 points
Please complete the course application (attached) and contact Professors Silverman and Sheehy ( if you are interested in enrolling.  Finding a clinical/counseling placement for the class takes time. Beginning November 13th, Professors Sheehy and Silverman are available to work with you to secure a placement for the Spring semester.
Best, Danielle
Danielle R. Feinberg
Department Administrator

Psychology Department

Barnard College


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