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Peer Advising Post: Wellness Check - Dealing with Stress

Peer Adviser Post: Wellness Check - Dealing with Stress
By Rachel Wangler CC '15

As the semester is winding down, stress levels tend to be on the rise. It’s all too easy to become overwhelmed when thinking about all the things you have to do before the semester ends. Some stress can help you stay motivated, but too much can keep you from being healthy and productive. Here are some tips to finish the semester strong!

Sometimes it seems easier to avoid what is stressing you out, but procrastination is the biggest cause of end-of-semester stress.  Although, healthy procrastination exists, such as taking a ten-minute walk, taking a short break to dance to your favorite song, or taking a few minutes to enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee. But watching that episode of Parks and Rec isn’t going to help you finish that fifteen-page paper or your last two problem sets.

1. Sleep is Key: It might be tempting to sleep less and study more, but your brain needs sleep to aid memory and you’ll work and study more efficiently with enough sleep, and you’ll perform better on that test!

2. Sweat it Out: You can cut tension and stress and boost energy with a good 25-minute work out!

3. Eat Healthy: Start your day out right with a protein-filled breakfast and keep your energy up with healthy foods that fuel your brain. A healthy body and mind can better cope with stress.

4. Focus: Start your day with a to-do list and a cup of coffee or tea. This begins your day in a relaxed way and focuses you on what needs to be done that day. Make sure to rank them so you’re getting the most important stuff out of the way first!

5. Ask for Help: This is not the time to forget about the many resources available to you. Ask TA’s for help, go to office hours, talk to your RA or your friendly Peer Advisors. Or call a close friend. Help comes in many forms and now is the time to ask for it!

6. Divide and Conquer: Break your big task into smaller, more achievable chunks. Plus, you’ll feel more accomplished finishing a bunch of small tasks rather than one big task!

7. Single Task: You’ll get a lot more accomplished with you single task because you’ll be focusing your energy in one place, rather than dispersing your energy into a lot of tasks and making yourself less productive (though it might feel like you’re being more productive).

8. Keep a Tidy Workspace: Clutter around you will increase the feelings of chaos, having a clean workspace will help you focus and help you feel less overwhelmed. Plus, cleaning is therapeutic and relaxing!

9.  Turn it Off: Turn off your phone and disconnect your Internet. You’ll be more productive with fewer distractions.

10. Resist the Urge to be Constantly Productive: Accept that you can’t be equally productive at all hours of the day and schedule breaks.

Tuesday, December 3rd from 7 - 9:30pm in Wien Lounge, the CSA Peer Advisers will be hosting a Stress-Free Winter Fair to help encourage students to take a break from studying and to relax before finals season descends upon us.  We will have a variety of tables with activities ranging from gingerbread house making, board games, music, arts and crafts, freebies from Ask Alice! and Student Wellness to helpful study tips and wellness advice. 

Everyone is welcome! Please make sure you bring your friends!

You can find out more information on our Facebook event page by clicking here.


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