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Peer Advising Post: Making The Most of Your Thanksgiving Break

Peer Adviser Post: Making The Most of Your Thanksgiving Break
By Aniekeme Umoh SEAS '15

What are you thankful for? That the semester is almost over? We only have four weeks left! Thanksgiving break is here and that means time to enjoy delicious food and wonderful company with family and friends, amongst other things.

If you will be visiting family, engage in conversations and be fully present, smile, laugh and enjoy your break. Don’t worry about work when you’re not working. Have fun- you deserve it. Besides, the good feelings will be motivators when you’re back to finishing papers and writing finals. Also, if you’re home for the break, it may be nice to catch up with old friends.

If you’re on campus, you could get together a group of friends and try your hands at making thanksgiving dinner. You may choose to attend the thanksgiving dinner provided by the University (RSVP required, contact Dining Services). There willbe other events organized by the office of Residential Programs and the ISSO that you could find out about from your RA. You might want to use this break as an opportunity to actually go out and explore New York City!

There are volunteer opportunities available all around the city where you can help feed someone for thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving break also means Black Friday! Deals everywhere! Take advantage of these if you like, but be deliberate and cautious with your spending. 

While you want to take this time to rest from the stress of the semester so far, you should also be thinking about how to finish the year strong. This break might be a good time to finish up homework assignments, projects and papers.

Remember that this is Thanksgiving; give thanks! You mightwant to write down a list of things you are thankful for. You could perhaps write notes or emails to friends, family, etc., telling them what you are thankful for about them.

Have an awesome Thanksgiving break !

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