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Peer Adviser Post: When to Pass/D/Fail a Class

Peer Adviser Post: When to Pass/D/Fail a Class
By Zhaoqi Li, CC '15

We're over half-way done with this semester! For most classes, the first and/or second paper/test/midterm have been handed back.  In the classes in which you are allowed to drop an exam, it may be an unnerving time for those who did not do as spectacular as they would have like early on in the semester.  November 14th is fast approaching.  It is the last day for students in the College to opt for Pass/D/Failing a class and it is also the last day for students in SEAS to drop a class. 

The Pass/D/Fail is a peculiar system.  You are only allowed to P/D/F one class per semester and unless specified by your major department, you cannot P/D/F a class that will work into your major.  Why would anyone P/D/F a class at all?  For one thing, it can potentially prevent a grade as low as a C- from showing up on your transcript.  Say, you are struggling in an elective class for your major.  It might be a wise choice, time permitting, to P/D/F that class and take another elective class later.  That being said you can always uncover your final grade if you end up doing extremely well after you converted that class to a P/D/F grading.  However, beware that if your final grade is a D or an F, it WILL show up on your transcript as those grades. 
That being said, the P/D/F option is one with many caveats.  Be sure to check within your major department if you are thinking about Pass/D/Failing a class within the department, be it electives, prerequisites, or major core classes.  

Good luck with the rest of the semester!  Thanksgiving is right around the corner!
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