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Peer Adviser Post: Staying Focused for the Rest of the Semester

Staying Focused for the Rest of the Semester
By Jen Bai CC ‘13

After the tension of midterms has passed, I often find myself less focused in the second half of the semester than I was in the first. This is especially true during the spring semester, when the weather starts to pick up and Low Steps become the trendiest hangout spot on campus. Unfortunately, this always comes to bite me come finals time, when I realize how much I have to catch up on. In order to avoid this situation and stay focused for the rest of the semester, here are some tips:

1. Go over all the material from the first half of the semester, including any old papers or exams. Try to spot areas of improvement and address them in the second half of the semester.

2. Stick to a schedule that is familiar and doesn’t leave things to the last minute. I find that if I change my schedule too much after spring break, I am more prone to forgetting important deadlines or engagements. Additionally, I always regret pushing things off until the day they’re due, but I’ve never regretted getting anything done early.

3. Remember that warm weather is not always the most conducive to doing work, so getting schoolwork done outside is much harder in practice than it is in thought. Thus, once spring arrives you may have to update your study habits in order to both enjoy time in the sun and be productive.

I wish you all the best!

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