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Peer Adviser Post: Preparing for Spring Registration

Preparing for Spring Registration
By Min Yeoh SEAS '13

Spring registration may seem daunting (so many classes! How will I choose!), but have no fear, the Peer Advisers are here. Here are some general steps that you may find useful when registering for your spring classes:

1. Review Required Classes



The “Degree Audit Report” on may come in handy when reviewing degree requirements. Ask your advisor to go over it with you if you aren’t too sure how to interpret it.

In general, the earlier you take pre-requisite classes, the better. Speaking to upperclassmen in your major is another great way to find out more about which classes to take. They are also a great resource for used textbooks! Take note of the call numbers of classes you want to take and pick out more classes than you plan to take (you’ll see why in a second).

2. Build Your Schedule
Once you’ve picked out classes, spend some time making sure it works as a schedule with no conflicts. A great way to do this is by drawing up a timetable and using post-its to denote classes. This makes it easy to move classes around if you change your mind or if classes conflict. On each post-it, include:

3. Contingency Plan

In case the class you want fills up, or conflicts with another required class, you’ll want to have back-up classes with call numbers readily on hand. Good back-up classes are flexible ones, such as a Calculus or Art Humanities class with lots of sections. Global core classes are also good back-ups if you aren’t too picky about which one you want. The Directory of Classes comes in handy again as it allows you to search for classes by time.

4. Actual Registration

You can find your registration time on SSOL. It might be helpful to set an alarm for your registration time, especially if the classes that you want are popular. Log back on to SSOL at your allotted time, search for the classes on your schedule by their call numbers, and hit “register”!

If there is a class you really want to take but are unable to register for, you can petition to take it subject to the instructor’s permission, or keep hitting the refresh button on SSOL in the hopes that someone will drop it.

If you have questions or comments please email your Peer Advisers at:

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