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Peer Adviser Post: Preparing for Final Exams

Preparing for Final Exams
By Amanda Suarez CC '14

With the glittering lights of College Walk beaming down on us and the last week of classes coming to a close, I think it’s safe to say (despite the bipolar winter weather outside) that one of the most daunting times of the year has arrived—it’s finals season here at Columbia. Here are a few quick tips I’ve gleaned from my own experiences on how to best make use of your time in the coming days:

  1. Schedule out your time this week on an online calendar or agenda—even though you may not have classes during reading week, make sure to make the most of your time by planning out each day. I usually make a to-do list the night before, and this allows you to take advantage of the opportunity to change it up a little—maybe instead of staying up late to study, wake up early and be productive with your time if that’s a challenge for you during the semester.
  2. Feeling the Butler blues? Sick of the overcrowded reference rooms? Try out some of the other great libraries on campus this week and see what works best for you. Changing up your study space may help you be more productive, and there’s a great range of spaces on campus with rooms that you can even reserve if you’d like, just check out the website!
  3. Break up study time with some fresh air. Even just walking down Broadway helps to clear your head and get the blood flowing—helping you to study better! If you’d like to try something new, check out the free exercises classes offered at the Dodge Fitness Center on campus from Dec. 10-14th. From yoga and cardio kickboxing to African dance, classes are a fun way to stretch your muscles and stay active this week!
  4. Balance out finals preparations with some holiday cheer exploring the city. Make sure to check out the student rush tickets to watch a Broadway show, go ice skating, or visit the great holiday markets in Union Square or Bryant Park—maybe checking some gifts for family and friends off your to-do list while getting into the spirit of December!

Finally, if you feel overwhelmed with the pressure, take some deep breaths and have some hot tea to calm your nerves. You can do it! Make sure to reach out to your peer advisers if you’d like to hear more advice or if you need support this week, and good luck with finals!

If you have questions or comments please email your Peer Advisers at:


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