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Peer Adviser Post: Managing Stress during Finals

Managing Stress during Finals
By Jiawen Tang CC '15





Happy last day of classes! With the May flowers blooming and bleachers set up for Commencement, we are in the final stretch of the school year and finals are approaching fast ahead. Here are a few tips for keeping your stress level under control:

  1. Create a schedule or agenda to plan out each day. A schedule will allow you to divide up the subjects you need to study for into manageable chunks and help you make the most of every day (especially if you have multiple exams on one day!). If you write a To-Do list, try to also include something fun and not related to school such as going to Pinkberry with your friends or seeing a movie or trying a new restaurant.
  2. Exercise! Build time into your study schedule to go outside to get some fresh air. Take advantageous of the warm weather and sunshine by taking a jog in Riverside Park will help you clear your head and get the blood flowing again.
  3. Make sure to keep a regular sleep schedule by waking up at the same time every morning regardless of when you go to bed. If you are still feeling tired during the day, try taking a power nap instead of drinking that large coffee from Starbucks. Too much caffeine can make you more anxious and you may feel even more exhausted when the caffeine crash hits. 
  4. Reach out to your TA or Professor if there is something you don’t understand because sometimes asking a clarifying question can help alleviate stress. Alternatively, form a study group with people who will help you stay focused—sometimes a little company goes a long way in keeping up your morale.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath and think about the big picture: you have made it through a long and difficult school year and three months of glorious, well-deserved summer vacation is less than two weeks away! Take care of yourselves and best of luck with finals! 

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