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Peer Adviser Post: Making the Most of Your Spring Break

Making the Most of Your Spring Break
By Aniekeme Umoh SEAS '15





We’re about halfway into the semester and spring break is around the corner! Yay! The much-anticipated week off school will be a time to get rested and catch up on a number of things. Whether you plan to spend the break on campus, back home, or on vacation with friends or family, there are things to do to make sure you get the most out of this week of bliss.

This is the time to catch up on sleep! We know midterms have drained us all and this is the best time to rack up those hours of slumber no matter where you may be spending your break. Remember health is of the most importance!

Try to be in touch with your family if you’re not spending the break with them, especially if you have been out of touch all semester. Also talking with old friends and catching up on your favorite shows would be great for the break.

You can use this time to get ahead in schoolwork or catch up on classes. You could also take this time to finish up that internship application you started and didn’t have time to complete.

If you’re staying on campus, you are not alone and there are activities you can participate in with other members of the Columbia community. Meet with your RA to find out about fun events the office of Residential Programs puts up for the break. You could use the free time to volunteer in the city. Sandy Relief efforts are still underway through NY Cares, the Food Bank of New York City and other organizations.

And if you’re going somewhere warm and sunny don’t forget to load up on sunscreen!

Have a stress-free spring break!

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