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Peer Adviser Post: How will your CSA Peer Advisers spend their Winter Break?

How will you be spending your Winter Break?

Benjie Frieling, SEAS '14

The first week of break will be relaxing at home (Lawrence,NY), along with a few hours a day to research and apply for summer internships. The second week will be a trip to Washington D.C. for a leadership training seminar about advocacy for Israel. (AIPAC Saban). The third will consist of fun, exciting trips with friends from high school and Columbia/Barnard around the metro area, including snowtubing and laser tag ! The last week will be a trip with my brother to go skiing for a few days.

Amanda Suarez, CC '14

I feel so excited to be going home to Fairfax, Virginia to spend some much-needed time with my family over the holidays this year, especially because I only have a limited time with them before I depart to study abroad in Seville, Spain for the spring semester!  I am really looking forward to spending precious time with my grandparents, who will be visiting us from California. I can already smell the delicious aroma of homemade tamales, tortillas, Puerto Rican steak and platanos sizzling on the stove, as we all finish up the cooking on Christmas Eve before Midnight Mass with their seasoned expertise. Aside from these culinary endeavors, my time will also be occupied with figuring out how to pack like a minimalist for Spain, catching up on some reading for fun with books like Wolf Hall and The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis, going for runs with my Mom, and relaxing with yoga. One highlight of my winter break that I am eagerly anticipating is Seek 2013, a conference hosted by FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) in Orlando, FL from January 2-6th that I will be attending,  along with over 6,000 college students from across the country, for a week of incredible speakers, music, fellowship, , and spiritual growth. I will be traveling down to Orlando on a bus trip with a group of friends from Columbia and NYU, and I am so looking forward to this experience, which will reinvigorate my faith before I embark on my study abroad adventures. Right afterwards, I will be heading back up to NYC to fly out for Spain, launching out into the unknown as I begin my studies as an international student in Europe in the new year!

Min Yeoh, CC '13

I’m traveling to Mexico and California with friends that I met from my internship over the summer (and will be working with full-time in September!). We will attempt the drive from Las Vegas to San Francisco, where I won’t be of any help since I don’t have my driver’s license, but I have volunteered as chief navigator. I’ll also get to spend some quality family time with my parents in San Francisco. For the remainder of break, I plan to study for the GMAT and consider applying to business schools!

Elias Boujaoude, CC '13

Over winter break I will get a little time off for a week in Costa Rica with my family, which I am super excited for!  Unfortunately, upon returning to the good ole’ US of A I will have to begin gathering more research for my thesis.   On the bright side, I have an awesome topic and I will get to go to the National Archives in DC for a few days so all in all, winter break is going to be relaxing and productive!  


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