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Peer Adviser Post: How to Enjoy Your Fall Break

How to Enjoy your Fall Break
by Jiawen Tang, CC '15




Hooray for representative democracy for bringing us life, liberty, and a well-deserved long weekend break from school!  It’s the last week before Fall Break!  We are almost there! I find October to be the most grueling month of the Fall Semester because these 31 days are jam packed with midterms, assignments, club activities and events to attend.  With the blink of an eye, there is a sudden coolness in the air and November is around the corner.  As we go off on our long weekend break, whether you’re planning to stay on campus or take a mini-vacation with friends or going home, here are some ways for your to maximize your Fall Break.

SLEEEEEEEEEP!  Make sure you catch up on all the zzz’s you may have been deprived of this month due to midterms.  We all know that Columbia can be academically, emotionally, and physically draining, especially in the month of October, so prioritize your wellbeing this break by getting proper rest – being refreshed and energized will go a long way in increasing your productivity and morale as we head into finals season.

Get Organized – It can be difficult to stay on top of work when you have to juggle a bunch of midterms, so find some time during Fall Break to get organized, catch up on some work, and knock out that paper or problem set that is (coincidentally) due the day after you get back from break.  At the very least, try to make a to do list to keep track and prioritize your responsibilities--your post-break self will thank you for it.

If you’re staying on campus - Make some time to get out of the Columbia bubble and venture downtown (or uptown) to see what our great city has to offer.  You could use the free time to do some volunteering or try that new restaurant you’ve been hearing rave reviews about or see a Broadway show or a concert or visit a museum (the possibilities are endless!).  You can find a ton of awesome student discounts through the Arts Initiative at  Check out Residential Programs for more fun activities too!

Check in with your family & friends– Don’t forget to call your family and update them on how you’re doing and you’ve been up to.  They miss you a lot more than you may realize and it’s always nice to hear words of encouragement from your loved ones.  It’s also a great time to catch up with old friends and strengthen those life-long friendships.

Whatever you decide to do, the CSA Peer Advisers wish you have a relaxing and safe Fall Break! 


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