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Peer Adviser Post: Health and Wellness - Taking Care of Yourself

Health and Wellness - Taking Care of Yourself
By F. Elias Boujaoude CC '13

It’s that time of year, folks – the papers, the finals, the late hours, the stress! We’ve all been through it a hundred times and, for many of us, we feel this is the time we are at our best, the time when we prove to the world what we are capable of!

Well, in spite of all that, I challenge you to do something different this finals season: TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!!

You know you can handle limited stress and tight deadlines, but can your body?  While you think you are being awesome (and you probably are) your body still needs the fuel and rest to get through the most taxing time of the year.  So for those of you who, like me, haven’t been eating and treating yourself the best, I challenge you to follow these three steps from now until summer rolls around.

  1. Sleep for seven hours, at least 5 days a week.  While not getting enough sleep is clearly bad for you so is combining it with over sleeping.  So for those of you who pull several all nighters then sleep twelve hours once exams are over, no more!  Force yourself to get seven hours of sleep a night for five days out of the week – you will be astounded at the results.
  1. Eat at least one fruit or vegetable with every meal.  I am by no means a nutritionist, but is this really bad advice?  You would be surprised what counts as a vegetable!  Giving your body the boost it needs is the best way to keep your mind sharp when that exam creeps up on you.  Furthermore, if you feel up to the challenge, replace every snack you have during the day with a banana, apple, or yogurt with granola.  Small things make a big difference!
  1. Take 30-45 minutes a day for relaxation time.  Making sure you give your brain a break besides sleep will allow you to focus much better upon returning to work!

Always remember you’re never alone so if you need someone to talk to or want to find other ways to keep up the health and wellness, feel free to visit any one of the resources below:

  • Your Peer Advisers
  • Your CSA Adviser
  • Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) @ (212) 854-2878
  • Alice! Health Promotions @ (212) 854-5453 or their website:   

    If you have questions or comments please email your Peer Advisers at:

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