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Peer Adviser Post: Finalizing Spring 2013 Schedules

Finalizing Spring 2013 Schedules
By Min Yeoh SEAS '13

Now that you’ve signed up for classes, it may be useful to review your schedule to ensure that it contains every class you need, and that the schedule suits your lifestyle.

Factors you may want to consider include:


  • Do you function better in the morning or the evening?
  • Can you make it from the Northwest Corner Building to Hamilton in 15 minutes?
  • Do you have time for breakfast/lunch/dinner?
  • Do you have time to grab a coffee between classes if you had a late night?
  • Will any of your classes conflict with club meetings or other commitments? What about any recitation sections?


  • How many of your classes have finals?
  • How many essays will you have to write/problem sets will you have to complete? Will they be due around the same time? It’s always better to have work spaced out evenly over the semester, rather than crunching out 4 essays in a week.


  • Are you on track to fulfill study abroad requirements?
  • Are you on track to fulfill pre-med or pre-law requirements?

If there are still classes that you would like to register for, don’t forget that there are extra registration periods in January over the break. If the class you want is full, you can:

  1. Refresh the SSOL page during registration in the hopes that someone will drop it.
  2. Take an add-drop form (available at or at the CSA) to the first class and ask the instructor to sign it if he/she is okay with having a slightly larger class.

As always, feel free to come talk to your CSA advisor or to a Peer Adviser if you have any questions!

If you have questions or comments please email your Peer Advisers at:

Stressed about classes? Confused about internship-hunting? Just need someone to talk to?

Ask the CSA Peer Advisers!
Monday- Wednesday: 5-8pm in 403 Lerner
Thursday: 1-4pm on Lerner Ramps

See you then!


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