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Peer Adviser Post: Eating Healthy

Peer Adviser Post:
By Zhaoqi Li, CC '15

My eyes have been itchy and dry for the past week from allergies, which means Spring is finally here! I’ve always found Spring semester to be physically and mentally more stressful than the Fall semester – we have less frequent breaks and everyone is looking for internships alongside drowning in schoolwork. It is definitely very easy to lose track of oneself in an environment like this. I remember certain insanely stressful days where I was so exhausted and busy that I would forget to eat. That’s why I am writing a blog post about eating healthy amidst the grind.

First and foremost, coffee alone is not a real breakfast. While caffeine quells the feeling of hunger, it’s really just tricking the body into thinking it’s not. The dining halls offer many healthy options for a good and balanced breakfast. If you’re running tight on time before that 8:40 class, just run into Ferris and make yourself a quick parfait or a fruit salad. Skipping breakfast is dangerous. You will be exhausted for the rest of the day and pay dearly for it once it’s exam time. There’s nothing worse than going to class and not being able to focus. I personally am not on a meal plan, but I do still eat breakfast every morning. West Side Market has these great deals on bagels and muffins. I usually buy 4 or 5 morning pastries for the week and eat them on the way to class in the mornings. At the very least, get some apples from the Thursday/Sunday farmer’s market. They’re insanely fresh (my personal favorite are the Cameo apples), and they’ll keep the doctors away.

As for lunch and dinner, eating on Low Plaza is the quintessential springtime activity at Columbia. Once the weather gets slightly warmer, go outside! The tiny tables found at pretty much every dining establishment in Manhattan aren’t very comfortable anyways, and you’ll be getting vitamin D, fresh air, and giving your eyes a much needed break from reading in the dimly-lit halls of Butler. It is multitasking at it’s finest.

As much as I love a good lamb-over-rice with extra white sauce, it’s not necessarily the healthiest meal one can have. Luckily, there is a plethora of healthy restaurants around Columbia’s campus, ranging from Maoz to the newly opened Dig Inn. If you’re looking to dine off campus, I highly recommend Dig Inn. It is like a mixture of Chipotle-style service and Community-style entrees. Dig Inn will be featured at our next Peer Advisor event on April 8th from 5:30-6:30: Healthy U @ CU. We will be having a panel featuring various representatives and ambassadors of health-related services. I hope to see you there!


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