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Peer Adviser Post: Columbia College Drop Deadline

Peer Adviser Post: Columbia College Drop Deadline
by Nina Mandracchia, CC '18

Now that the CC drop deadline is coming up (October 11) there are a couple of important things to remember before you drop a class.

  1. Make sure you have at least 12 credits (unless you have permission to take less).  If you drop below 12 you are no longer considered a full time student so watch out for that.  Also if you are an athlete you need at least 12 points to be eligible to play so that is another thing to keep in mind.
  2. Before dropping an intro class, remember that it will likely be a prerequisite for other classes in that subject.  So if you want to take more classes within the same subject or are trying to decide on a major, it might not be the best idea to drop an intro course.
  3. If you are deciding between two classes you really want to take at some point in your four years at Columbia, one way to make the decision is to check which one is more likely to be offered again at some point in the future.  For example, it is a pretty safe bet that Calculus I will be offered again next semester or year, but a new class may not. 
  4. If you’re fairly certain they will both be offered again, another thing to look at is timing of the class and test schedule.  If one class is at 8:40 and you are not a morning person, that one might be the one to drop.  Also look at midterm dates and due dates for papers and other assignments. If one class has assignments that are closer to due dates for assignments for classes you know you are going to keep then that might be the one to drop.
  5. Finally, if none of the above can make the decision for you then I would recommend simply basing your decision on a gut feeling.  Sometimes thinking through a decision rationally is the best way to go, but sometimes you cannot come to a conclusion.  If this is the case, then ask yourself which material is more interesting to you and in which class is it easier to pay attention.  Then go with your decision and don’t second guess your answer.


Starting with:

# (1)
2 (1)
A (65)
B (35)
C (177)
D (44)
E (44)
F (50)
G (30)
H (26)
I (68)
J (16)
K (6)
L (16)
M (44)
N (19)
O (38)
P (87)
Q (1)
R (14)
S (145)
T (30)
U (23)
V (8)
W (26)
Y (1)