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Peer Adviser Post: CC Drop Deadline is Next Week: The Checklist

CC Drop Deadline is Next Week: The Checklist
 By Benjamin Frieling SEAS ‘14

With four week of classes already having zoomed by, it’s that time of the semester again – when students of Columbia College decide whether or not to drop a course that seems to be going poorly.
SEAS students – rejoice ! You have until November 15; then again – no P/D/F :(

Below is a checklist of things I think should be considered and completed before the fateful drop decision is made:

____How did you do on the mid-term?
Whether you did poorly (or there wasn't even one yet at all), that itself is not a reason to drop. Many students (myself included) have recovered from a B+/C- (or worse) on a midterm with an A- (or better) on the final, resulting in a B+ or better overall.

____Have you talked with the professor or TA in office hours?
Don’t be scared ! Most students don’t every go, but the professor or TA is there and willing to spend time to help YOU do better. Sometimes, especially in math and science, all that could be needed is a different approach to the material and BAM, it all clicks and falls in place. Even if this revelation doesn’t occur, professors can (most of the time) advise you based on previous students’ experiences whether you really need to drop or you’ll make it though in the end.

____Do you have a study partner?
2 >> 1 in terms of brainstorming and reducing time needed to complete assignments.
Check class policy on collaboration & DO NOT ever copy another student’s work word-for-word

____Did you apply for / hire a tutor?
The CSA (and sometimes departments as well) can connect you to free or discounted academic assistance. Another option, albeit at-cost, is CUTTA.

____Can you P/D/F this course?
Pass-D-Fail deadline is on November 15, so it is a viable option if you decide to stick it out but then it overwhelms you later on.
P/D/F canNOT be used for Core or major or concentration courses

____Will dropping this course bring you below 12 credits this semester?
If so, don’t do it because part-time study brings its own headaches of bureaucracy, especially for those on financial aid.

____Do you enjoy the course material and/or professor’s teachings?
If yes, stick with this course because grades aren’t everything ! Also, it is likely you’ll do better in a course that you enjoy and are willing to work at, in contrast to an additional course you’ll pack in during a later semester as a filler for those 3-4 credits.


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