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Passport Day (9/28)

Passport Day

The OGP is delighted to announce that the Annual Study Abroad Fair will have a representative from the United States Postal Service to accept your passport applications! Remember, for most study abroad programs you need a passport that expires NO LESS than 6 months beyond the END date of your program.

If you need a new passport, or need to renew a passport. Please stop by the Study Abroad Fair next Friday to do. The Annual Study Abroad Fair will be in Roone Arledge Auditorium in Lerner Hall from 12:30-3:30pm on September 28th. To submit a passport application, you will need:

1. Your Completed Application (Find the right form at the State Department’s web site)

2. Two Types of Identification, with Copies of Each (one proving U.S. citizenship and one other current ID)

3. One Passport Photo - Your photos should be in color, identical, and taken within the past 6 months. They should be 2" x 2" with a full-face, front view (head should measure between 1" and 1 3/8"), and a plain white or off-white background.

4. Payment for Applicable Fees by a check (personal, certified, cashiers, travelers) or money order. Adult is $110 with an processing fee of $25, $170 fee for expedited with $25 processing fee

Click here to find out more about the application process.


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