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Over 100 Summer Internships Available – CCE Summer Internship Programs!

Mark Your Calendar - Information Session and Deadline for CCE Summer Internships!

Interested in having a summer internship?   CEO internships (undergraduates only) are available in various industries, are located in seven cities around the world and housing is sponsored!  STEP positions (undergraduates and graduates) are internships focused on science, technology and engineering.  CCASSIP internships (CC sophomore and junior students) are offered in a variety of industry areas and are a chance to build your CC network. The CU In Network (undergraduates and graduates) is a student and alumni network for interns working in five cities around the USA.  For more information on all programs, please feel free to review the webpages.

There are over 100 internships currently available in a variety of industries.  Apply to those of interest in LionSHARE by Sunday, January 27th!

Full list of summer internship opportunities

CEO, STEP, CCASSIP, CU In Information Session
Co-sponsored by CCSC & ESC 2015 and SHPE

January 22nd
5PM – 6PM
CCE Conference Room
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I guess it’s time to update my resume.

If you’d like help on your resume, conducting industry research, or brushing up on your interview skills, you can visit us at CCE for a walk-in appointment Monday–Friday from 1-4PM, or you can call us at (212) 854-5609.


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