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Nightline has Re-Opened

Beginning at 10 pm on Friday, October 12th, Nightline re-opened for service.

Students can call Nightline to talk about any issue:  anxiety, drugs, conflict, relationships, love, family, health, roommates, addiction, regrets, procrastination, exams, problems, abuse, self-harm, confusion, time-management, ANYTHING.  If you know a student struggling, or in need of speaking to someone, suggest Nightline as one of many Columbia resources.

10:00 p.m. - 3:00 a.m. Nightly

Nightline is an anonymous, nonjudgmental peer listening hotline that primarily serves the Columbia/Barnard community and its affiliates.  Nightline offers a safe space for callers to talk, operating by the mottos, “We are here to listen” and “We are here to get you through the night.”  Nightline supports its callers by providing both a listening and referral service.

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