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New Program: Spring 2013 Tropical Biology and Sustainability in Kenya (App Deadline: Oct 15)

New Program: Spring 2013 Tropical Biology and Sustainability in Kenya
In partnership with Princeton University, Columbia has developed a new field semester abroad program in Kenya on Tropical Biology and Sustainability. Operating during the spring semester, this global immersion experience will give students the opportunity to study ecology, evolutionary biology, conservation biology, environmental engineering, and sustainable development in the environmental hub of East Africa. Based at Princeton’s Mpala Research Centre in central Kenya, and with support from Columbia’s Global Center Africa in Nairobi, students will also travel across Kenya to places such as the forested slopes of Mt. Kenya, the wildlife-rich savannas of Laikipia, and the coffee and tea plantations of western Kenya.

Students will take the following four 3-week course modules taught by Princeton and Columbia faculty who work in Kenya and other parts of East Africa.

EEEB W3920: Biology of African Animals and Ecosystems. 4 points.

EEEB W3922: Field Ecohydrology. 4 points.

EEEB W3923: Ecology and Conservation of African Landscapes. 4 points.

EEEB W3921: Tropical Agriculture. 4 points.

Students must have completed Environmental Biology I-II or the equivalent. For more information, please contact Professor Dustin Rubenstein at

For more information about the program, please visit the website at

Application Deadline: October 15


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