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New Master Schedule of Classes, beginning Fall 2012

To:          Columbia University Students

From:        Barry S. Kane, Associate Vice President and University Registrar

Re:            New Master Schedule of Classes, Fall 2012

Date:        March 28, 2012


Dear Students:

As you know, the initial registration period for fall classes takes place the week of April 9-13, 2012. As you begin to think about your fall academic program, we wanted you to know that, starting this fall, we will be using a new Master Schedule of Classes, which is attached to this memorandum. Also attached are the class schedules that will be used by the School of Engineering and Applied Science and by the foreign language departments in order to best accommodate their unique requirements.

These schedules were developed by the Arts and Sciences Ad Hoc Classroom Committee that completed its work last year. The Committee took a comprehensive look at patterns of classroom use and identified a range of things we could do to improve scheduling and the way we allocate our classroom spaces. The Committee consulted broadly, taking the classroom scheduling patterns of Arts and Sciences departments and schools, as well as Barnard and SEAS, into consideration. It made recommendations to address a broad range of issues, the two most pressing being the availability of electronic classrooms and the challenges of finding suitable classrooms, especially at hours of peak use.

One important outcome of the new Master Schedule of Classes is the addition of new lecture periods on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, which will significantly increase the number of classes that can be scheduled in existing classrooms.  This, however, means that not all classes will begin and end at the times to which you are accustomed. 

As you plan your academic program for the fall, we ask that you begin preparations for next year’s curriculum with the new Schedule of Classes in mind. You may consult with your adviser if you have additional questions.

Finally, we are also pleased to announce that, in response to the Classroom Committee’s recommendations, 46 classrooms have been outfitted with electronic podiums, projectors, and screens and are in use this year, bringing the total number to 88 out of 116.  We hope to complete the conversion of our remaining 28 classrooms into electronic classrooms by summer of 2013.

Best wishes for the rest of the semester.


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