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NEW COURSE: Philosophical Problems of Climate Change

Announcing a new Course (for juniors and seniors) only being taught this semester with these specific instructors:
Professor Philip Kitcher and visiting Professor Evelyn Fox Keller (MIT)

Philosophical Problems of Climate Change
(PHIL W3552) – Lecture MW 4:10pm-5:25pm

Instructors: Professor Philip Kitcher; Professor Evelyn Fox Keller (MIT)

The debate about climate change, its impact, and the implications for policy raise many philosophical questions. What is the evidence for anthropogenic global warming? Why does debate persist? How should we assess the risks of various options? What are our obligations to distant people and to future generations? In what ways does climate change require us to assess our economic, social, and political institutions? By taking up these questions, the course will explore a range of important issues in philosophy of science, philosophy of economics, ethics, and social and political philosophy. Open to juniors and seniors.


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