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New Course: Human-Centered Design

Human-Centered Design

New course announcement – Spring 2017, 5 Fridays, March 24 – April 29

The fall 2016 version of this class was oversubscribed, so we are pleased to offer it again this spring, as a 1.5 credit option.

 Do you want to create a winning product that leads to a successful business? Sign up for this unique opportunity by Harry West, a guru of Human-Centered Design, the hottest topic in entrepreneurship and innovation. Join the class for a fast-paced, interactive introduction. Gain insights that will give you an edge over others who have not yet caught on to the importance of Human-Centered Design.

Apply by January 10th end of day.   The class will be balanced with students from Engineering, Business, Arts, Public Health, SIPA, GSAPP, Columbia College, GS, Barnard, etc., so all graduate students, as well as undergraduate juniors and seniors should apply.

 We are so thrilled to have Harry back on campus this spring! He will teach on 5 consecutive Fridays beginning March 24th and ending April 28th (no class on March 31st). The class (IEME E4200) will meet 9-12 PM & 1-2:30 PM in 750 CEPSR. It is offered as a 1.5 credit course.

Impress future employers that you have worked with Harry West and have expertise in Human-Centered Design. Take a look at the course description.








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