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New Class: ENGL UN3738: Philanthropy and Social Difference

ENGL UN3738: Philanthropy and Social Difference

Philanthropy is a practice deeply rooted in American society and culture, dating back to the founding of the United States and practiced today by individuals and institutions alike.  The study of philanthropy is the study of what binds us together as a community and a nation, and it requires an understanding of structures that hold some people in positions of disadvantage.  Thanks to a grant from The Philanthropy Lab, students in the course will also be able to have the experience of participating in philanthropy themselves.  The class will have at least $50,000 to give away by the end of the term to nonprofit organizations, and one of our chief objectives will be deciding as a group how to distribute these funds as productively as possible.

Philanthropy and Social Difference will allow Columbia undergraduate students to learn about the history of philanthropy, to become exposed to its best practices, to understand the role of social difference in perpetuating inequality, and to become informed actors in the practice of philanthropy themselves


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