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Navigating Columbia: The First Year Experience Program

Are you a CC/SEAS member of the Class of 2016? Are you looking to make the most of  your Columbia experience?

The Center for Student Advising (CSA) and Office of Student Development and Activities (SDA) launched a pilot program, entitled Navigating Columbia: The First Year Experience Program, in Fall 2012. We are running an expanded program for Spring 2013. The program will run every Monday night from 5:30 PM to 7 PM starting on February 11 and run through April 22.

Space is limited for this program, but students who are accepted will walk away with valuable skills, personal insights, and new connections that will help first-year students better navigate their first-year at Columbia.

Please register HERE!

The goals of the program are:

1. To help students identify and develop critical skills required to navigate Columbia successfully
2. To help students gain a better understanding of themselves as learners and as members of the Columbia community
3. To help students clarify academic and career goals and develop a plan of action to meet those goals
4. To explore common challenges faced by Columbia students and encourage healthy decision making
5. To assist students in building networks and establishing strong relationships with faculty and administrators
6. To help students utilize key campus resources
7. To provide an opportunity for student to connect to peers


Starting with:

# (2)
2 (6)
3 (1)
A (94)
B (43)
C (384)
D (61)
E (91)
F (67)
G (33)
H (43)
I (101)
J (34)
K (4)
L (34)
M (67)
N (30)
O (61)
P (175)
Q (1)
R (29)
S (217)
T (57)
U (30)
V (9)
W (41)
Z (1)