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Intercampus Shuttle Changes for the Academic Year

Dear Members of the Columbia Community,

On September 6, the Intercampus Shuttle academic year schedule went into effect. In response to feedback and to better meet the needs of our riders, Columbia Transportation is excited to introduce the following changes to the 2011 Intercampus Shuttle academic year schedule and routes:

  • Three buses now run on the Intercampus route following a fixed-time predictable schedule.
  • On-the-hour service to facilitate classes and meetings (gets you to CUMC, Studebaker and Morningside almost every hour from 9:00am to 5:00am.)
  • New soft stop at 120th Street and Broadway (North and South) to accommodate Interchurch, Social Work and the Northwest Corner entrance.
  • CUMC stop location will return to Ft. Washington and 168th Street.
  • New MetroNorth service
  • Improved service by increasing: total stops from 16 to 21; total departures from 254 to 302; and, seating capacity from 54 to 105.
  • Real-time shuttle location and arrival information from any computer or smart phone using TransLoc. Track the Columbia buses in real-time at or download the free TransLoc Transit Visualization app to access information while on the go, including real-time location of all buses and announcements of potential service disruptions.

For more information about Columbia shuttle services and to view the full Intercampus Shuttle academic year schedule and route map, visit Please send any questions or comments to

Miguel Pagan


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