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Global Scholars Information Session (9/29)

Global Scholars Program Information Session with Professor Victoria De Grazia
Thursday, September 29th
4:00-5:00 p.m
Core Conference Room, 202 Hamilton Hall

The Columbia Global Scholars Program (GSP) offers highly motivated students a new opportunity to  investigate global issues through the perspective of Paris/Europe. GSP students will be motivated to delve into other societies and cultures as they pursue their own projects, challenged to test their own goals against other peoples’ educational and intellectual systems, and supported to develop a range of research, language, and networking skills to help them in this innovative intellectual endeavor.  The program, the first of its kind at Columbia, is now recruiting students. Applicants from all disciplines and undergraduate schools are welcome, in the expectation that all will want to engage with the conceptual framework and multi-disciplinary focus of the program, while developing their own disciplinary interests and building a range of language, research, archival, new media, expository, and other skills needed to develop new knowledge.

The pilot program begins the second semester of academic year 2011–2012 at Columbia Global Centers/Europe at Reid Hall. Students spend the spring semester of their Junior year plus the following summer based at Reid Hall. In addition to participating in a Master Class, co-taught by the resident Columbia faculty member in cooperation with leading foreign scholars, and attending classes in the French University system with tutor support, students conduct their own research projects. This research, under the immediate supervision of the instructor of the Master Class, is co-directed by their Columbia advisor and a local specialist. Students begin their projects during the spring term of 2012, continue work on them over the summer, with funding to support their research. In the fall, they will present their research to faculty and students back at Columbia in the framework of the Columbia Global Centers.

The GSP is bi-lingual, and although the research can be conducted in whatever languages are appropriate (including English), applicants are expected to have enough fluency to work in the French academic milieu by January 2012.


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