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Final Exams Overlaps & Conflicts - Fall 2014

Final Exams are Friday, December 12 – Friday, December 19

Your Final Exam Schedule is available through SSOL under the “My Exam Schedule” link on your “Student Schedule” page.

NOTE: You must confirm these dates/times with your instructors. You are strongly advised not to make any travel arrangements/purchases until you have confirmed when your last final exam will be held. Faculty will not offer alternate exam dates for students who book flights that conflict with the final exam.

**Students who have two exams at the same time or more than two exams on the same calendar day (not just a 24-hour period) as certified by the Registrar, may request an arrangement be made with one of their instructors to take that exam at another mutually available time during the final examination period. 

The student should inform the instructors about the situation and inquire if any of them are willing to allow their exam to be taken at an alternate time. Students unable to make suitable arrangements on their own may then contact their advising dean to request assistance. If a professor/instructor needs verification that a student has more than two exams on the same calendar day or two exams at the same time, students should print out their schedule via SSOL as proof, or contact your advising dean to verify conflicts via e-mail to the instructor.

Good luck with final exams!!


Starting with:

# (1)
2 (1)
A (65)
B (35)
C (177)
D (44)
E (44)
F (50)
G (30)
H (26)
I (68)
J (16)
K (6)
L (16)
M (44)
N (19)
O (38)
P (87)
Q (1)
R (14)
S (145)
T (30)
U (23)
V (8)
W (26)
Y (1)