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Desk Attendant Position - School of General Studies, Academic Resource Center

School of General Studies
Academic Resource Center

Desk Attendant Job Description

Desk attendants are an integral part of the Academic Resource Center. As a desk attendant you will interact with students, tutors, staff, and non staff of Columbia University. The majority of your interaction will be with General Studies students and the tutors hired by the Academic Resource Center.

Job Description:

  • Start Date: September 2011
  • Works in conjunction with the supervisor of the ARC in organizing and managing the daily affairs of the center
  • Answers students and tutors inquiries about the ARC
  • Helps students sign-in to tutoring sessions
  • Notifies students and tutors of cancellations in appointments and any other changes in their schedules

Qualities of a Desk Attendant:

  • Must be friendly and courteous
  • Must be approachable
  • Must be able to relate and respond to the needs and demands of the tutors, students, and staff
  • Must be dedicated to work and perform functions well
  • Must be comfortable with handling multiple tasks at the same time
  • Must be organized
  • Must have a sense of humor


Desk Attendants are paid $9 per hour and can work a minimum of 5 hours and a maximum of 20 hours per week. 

There are no insurance benefits with this position.
Work –study eligible


  • A sense of pride and accomplishment from helping others
  • Opportunity to help others and be a positive role model
  • Development of interpersonal skills
  • Great work experience for development of resumes and references


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