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Classics Department Undergrad Open House - TODAY (12-2pm)

All undergraduate majors in Classics, concentrators in Classics, Classical Studies, and Ancient Studies are requested to attend the Classics Undergraduate Open House TODAY Monday, November 11th between 12 noon and 2 PM in room 617 Hamilton Hall, just prior to the Major's Seminar which will be taught by Professor Gareth Williams next week. We will be serving lunch and therefore you can have a bite to eat prior to your class. 
The open house is also geared toward students who are interested in majoring or concentrating in Classics, Classical Studies, and Ancient Studies or who are especially interested in studying ancient Greek and Latin.  
We will be serving food (pizza, sandwiches, vegan options, and desserts). Professor Joseph Howley, Director of Undergraduate Studies, and other faculty will be on hand to answer questions.  And there will be an opportunity to answer any questions about senior theses. A few majors (volunteers?!) will tell us about their year or term abroad or their archaeological adventures.   
You'll get the chance to meet some faculty members and other students who are either majors or interested in the ancient world. Professor Joseph Howley and some other professors will be on hand. Have you been under the radar -- not been seeing an adviser or haven't come to any past events including the majors fair? Here's a chance to find out about activities we have planned including the play, hear about upcoming classes, ask questions, and review your program.  
Also on hand will be one or two of the directors of the play in ancient Greek, Aeschylus' Choephoroi (the middle play of the Oresteia) this year. The show is scheduled to take place April 3-5, 2014 in the Minor Latham Playhouse (MLP) on the Barnard Campus.

Gerry Visco
Department of Classics
From the DUS:
Are you a senior in Classics who is thinking about writing a senior thesis next semester?  Are you a senior in Classical Studies or Ancient Studies who has to write a senior thesis next semester?  Come and learn all the exciting details of the senior thesis and find out how to go about selecting a topic, approaching a supervisor, and fitting it all into your spring schedule.
Are you a major in Classics, or plan to be, or just think you might like to take some Classics courses?  Come and learn about all the courses we're offering next semester and meet the DUS and other Classics majors!


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