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Chemical Engineering Open House/Lunch (9/26)

On Wednesday, September 26th, the Chemical Engineering Department will be hosting a lunch to welcome juniors into our program.  Interested First Years and Sophomores are encouraged to attend! 

This event is sponsored by the Columbia Engineering School Alumni Association (CESAA).  There will be a brief presentation outlining aspects of the program including research opportunities for undergraduates.   There will also be presentations by the Center for Student Advising advisors and the Center for Career Education counselors. 

The lunch will begin at 12:00pm to 2:00pm and be held in the Chemical Engineering Department, 8th Floor room 801 of the Mudd Bldg.

Come and meet the Department staff and faculty and enjoy a free lunch.

Prof. Chris Durning
Prof. Alan West
Prof. V. Faye McNeill
Prof. Scott Banta
(the undergraduate committee)


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