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Center for Career Education - Your Summer and CCE: Aug. 14, 2012

See you soon!

We're looking forward to your return to campus and have been busy outreaching to employers to secure internships/job postings on LionSHARE and attendance at our fairs and special events for you this fall and spring! We've also compiled some steps you can take to successfully wrap up your summer experience so that you can stay connected with colleagues. Also, scroll down for details of our internship video contest. What questions did you have that you can now answer for other students interested in your internship in a creative way? We're excited to hear from you!

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LionSHARE Opportunities

Fall Internships

Set up a job agent in LionSHARE so you don't miss an internship or job. In the meantime, we've pulled a few examples of current opportunities that we thought might be of interest to you. View details via the links and log on to LionSHARE to apply today!

Full-Time Positions

Part-Time/Temporary Positions

Looking for more part-time positions? Search "Temp Time" under "Employer Name" in LionSHARE.


"Bring Your Internship to Life” Video Contest

There is a video contest here at CCE (yes, an Apple TV prize for the winner) that is running throughout the summer. Making a video is really simple…it doesn’t need to be fancy…it could be as simple as turning the “video” of your iPhone or camera on for 30 seconds. Check out how much these employers were able to squeeze into a mere 30 seconds - employer videos . Feel free to be creative, or ask questions that may be helpful to future interns such as “What are you up to at your internship?” or “What you enjoyed or are enjoying about your internship?” For more information on the video contest, please see here . The deadline is Monday, September 17, 2012.

Fall NYC Startup Job Fair

The NYC Startup Job Fair aims to connect talented job seekers with exciting NYC-based startups. Last Spring, the Fair had 70+ startups and 1000+ job seekers resulting in approximately 80-100 hires. Over the past few years the organization has helped job seekers find positions at the top startups in NYC.

  • Startups (and positions available) from Spring Event – visit Startup List
  • List of Startups Attending and Positions Available – will be posted closer to the day of the event on our website
  • Registration Deadline – Depends on availability so please register ASAP
  • Questions – please contact

CCE's own Startup Career Fair will be held on Friday, March 29, 2013. See the list of 50+ employers that attended last year's fair.

Interested in meeting with a counselor? Want more information on employers or industries? Please visit: or e-mail us at: .


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