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Center for Career Education - This Week at CCE: Oct 31-Nov 4, 2011

Happy Halloween! 

Still deciding on your Halloween attire? Well, we can't help you on that front, but we can give you some great tips on interview wear. Employers have made a point of noting how impressed they've been by the preparedness and professionalism of Columbia students at CCE career fairs and events. Keep up the good work! Note that the fairs and events continue - review the announcements and calendar below for more opportunities to shine and connect with employers.



Join CCE staff on a Site Visit to City Year! - Friday, Nov. 4th
This is a unique opportunity for students of any major and graduation year to visit one of City Year's schools in Harlem. Take a tour and engage in a roundtable discussion to learn more about City Year and their important work with students in schools. Also, observe what a typical day in the classroom looks like to help you decide whether being a Corps member is right for you.

Get the Internship! - Friday, Nov. 11th
Join one or more of the following workshops to strengthen your internship search:

  • Workshop 1: 12:00-2:30pm - Structured hiring programs: interviews held on-campus
  • Part I: Learn how to navigate LionSHARE and the On-Campus Recruitment process in your internship search
  • Part II: Hear from industry representatives about the finance and consulting industries and how to best prepare to GET THE INTERNSHIP!
    • Workshop 2: 2:30-3:15pm - Fund your internship
      Learn about CCE summer funding programs and strategies to fund an unpaid internship. Begin planning early so you will be prepared for upcoming funding program deadlines.
    • Workshop 3: 3:15-4:45pm - Hiring as-needed and via structured programs: interviews held at the employer site
    • Identify career resources and recruiting timelines for a range of fields: arts, media, law, government, nonprofit, engineering, education, and healthcare.
    • Develop a plan to secure an internship in your target industry.  

This event is in partnership with Columbia College Student Council and Engineering Student Council.

Startup Career Fair - Friday, Nov. 11th
Applications Development Initiative is hosting a career fair just for student developers on campus and tech startups in NYC. The event will be a casual, t-shirt & jeans, no-suit event catered to developers and the startups where they all want to work. Companies attending include: Tumblr, Nodejitsu, SecondMarket, 10gen, and Vimeo. Check out for more info. 

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