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Center for Career Education- This Week at CCE: Oct 3-7, 2011

Are you intimidated by networking?

It is easier than it sounds! Curiosity is all it takes - research and ask questions about career, firm, and field. People like to speak about themselves and you are learning, a win-win all round. Look at the calendar below, Columbia and NYC are rich with opportunities to connect and build relationships with professionals - information sessions daily, Advertising Week 2011 this week, and Silicon Alley 500 next Saturday to name just a few. Of course, opportunities often arise through connections so be prepared - update your resume, prepare for career fairs, and practice your introduction/interviewing. See below for walk-ins and workshops over the next two weeks.


Major Discovery! SEAS major declaration is right around the corner - get insider tools and advice from seniors, career counselors, and advising deans all in one place - lunch and prizes too - Oct 4

Resume and Engineering Career Fair Prep for Undergrads - Oct 14

Ambassador in Residence of the U.S. Department of State at CCE for Professional In Residence Program - Oct 26
Sign up for a 25 minute meeting with the Ambassador to discuss your interest in a foreign or civil service career or a Dept. of State internship or fellowship.

Juicy Spring internships! Information Sessions - Oct. 26 and Nov. 1
CCE is excited to offer 50+ spring internships through Columbia Communities In Action ( CCIA ), Columbia Arts Experience ( CAE ), and the Virtual Internship Program ( VIP ). Make industry contacts, build skills and fine-tune career goals in the arts and entertainment industry, in civic engagement and public service-oriented non-profits, or if it suits, intern remotely. Some positions are posted on LionSHARE already—search “CCIA”, “CAE”, or “VIP” and apply now!

Share Your Insider (Internship) Information and Win an iPod!
We need your help in providing more insider perspectives – to help other interested students understand what they can expect when working at different types of organizations. Share your recent internship experience with us by filling out our Internship Survey (use your uni and usual password to login). Answer all of those “have-to-be-there-to-know” questions: What is the work culture like? What are the people like? How interesting is the work? All students who complete the survey by Nov. 1 will be automatically entered for a chance to win an iPod!

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