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Center for Career Education - This Week at CCE: Jan 17-20, 2012

Motivational News - Employment is Up for CU Students!

Our 2011 Graduating Student Survey shows that employment numbers exceed pre-recession levels! We've been busy connecting with employers and have internships and full-time jobs in LionSHARE and employers signed up to meet you at the Spring Career Fair and many other events. So, before you ease your way back into classes next week, take a few minutes to review this email and add to your calendar a skill development workshop, an employer information session and/or a walk-in appointment over the next two weeks. Do your part each week and the internship or job will happen. Get ready - this year is looking good for you!


NEW internship program for CC sophomores & juniors!
Check out the new Columbia College Alumni-Sponsored Student Internship Program (CCASSIP) for Columbia College sophomores and juniors across a range of industries. Applicants are required to attend an information session ( Jan. 17 or Jan. 21 ) and review applications materials with a Career Counselor. Call 212-854-5609 to secure an appointment. Positions will continue to be posted through the end of the month.

Manage a student-run business! CSE Info Session, Wednesday, January 18th, 4:00pm
Do you think about starting and managing a business in the future? Do you want to sharpen your professional skills in management? Get real hands-on experience by managing a student-run business!

Setting Sail: Internships, Externships, and First-Year Partnerships with CCE - Friday, Jan. 20 and Wednesday, Jan. 25
Are you a first year undergraduate student interested in experiencing the professional world and excited to land an internship? CCE invites you to learn more about smart ways to gain skills and experiences as a first year, including its Columbia Exploration Externship program . Sponsored by CCSC & ESC 2015 and CCE.

Industry Showcase: Fashion - Wednesday, Jan. 26, 6:00-8:30pm
The Center for Career Education (CCE) will hold a joint information session for a number of organizations within the Fashion industry. Come hear from several organizations and learn about their full-time and summer internship opportunities at our multi-firm, industry showcase. Companies represented will be updated as registration continues. Ralph Lauren, Coach, and Ann Taylor among others participated last year.

Take advantage of your last few days off – Apply for internships now!
Check out the internships available across the U.S. and the world through CCE’s summer internship programs— over 100 positions are listed here . Apply by the January 29th deadline on LionSHARE!

Have an Interview? Think Purpose, Prepare, and Practice!
As you begin searching for an internship or full-time position, one of the most daunting hurdles can be the interview. What do you say? How do you prepare? CCE and Columbia Alumni offer practice interviews to give feedback on your answers, review your strengths, areas that need improvement, and address any of your questions. Space is limited so sign up today by calling 212-854-5609!
Mock Interview Dates: Monday, Jan. 30th, 5:00-9:00pm ; Wednesday, Feb. 8th, 5:00-9:00pm ; and Monday, Feb. 13th, 5:00-9:00pm

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