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Center for Career Education - This Week at CCE: Dec. 5-9, 2011

Do you think about starting and managing a business in the future?

Google. Facebook. Microsoft. All successful businesses started and managed in college dorm rooms. Get real hands-on experience by managing a student-run business! The Columbia Student Enterprises offer a fantastic opportunity to develop your entrepreneurial skills, use your creativity, and take charge. Managing Director positions are available for three student enterprises:  

The opportunity to become a Managing Director will include:

  • Learning small business management within the framework of a large organization
  • Practical experience across fields
  • Hands-on business experience including leadership and management skills training
  • Salaried positions, with potential for bonus

Learn more at the Columbia Student Enterprises Information Session on Tuesday, Dec. 6 at 12:00pm.


TODAY: Job Search for Seniors – Monday, Dec. 5, 4:00pm
It's time to make decisions about your career direction after graduation. In this workshop, you will identify career resources, job opportunities and recruiting timelines for a range of fields: arts, media, law, government, nonprofit, engineering, education, and healthcare. We will also help you to develop an action plan to secure a job in your target industry.

Looking to fund an internship/research opportunity?
You may be eligible for the Work Exemption Program (WEP). WEP is part of Columbia University's enhanced financial aid program for undergraduate students in Columbia College and Columbia Engineering and is designed to enable financial aid recipients to take advantage of experiential learning opportunities. The deadline for the Spring semester is Sunday, Dec. 11. To learn more, visit the CCE website .

Panel and Networking Event: Economics of Health Technology: Trends, Risks, Innovations and Opportunities. Wed. Dec 7, 8-9:30pm, 205 Havemeyer. Brought to you by the Public Health Committee of CUAMSA.

Complete the 2012 IDEAL Employer Survey for a chance to win scholarships and internships!
Because Columbia University students are highly sought after by employers, your opinions are extremely important and valuable sources of information. Top companies, including many that recruit Columbia students, base their recruiting strategies on Universum's research. Take a few minutes to complete the 2012 Universum IDEAL Employer Survey about your experience at Columbia and receive a free copy of WetFeet Insider Guide, a special offer from Businessweek, and the opportunity to win scholarships and internships. 

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